Anna de Vriend is a multidisciplinary artist based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. She graduated from BEAR ArtEZ in 2020.

Her practice is based around an ongoing research on the hierarchy between human animals and non-human animals. With the help of her conceptual persona – The Sheep Lady – she does fieldwork in spaces where this hierarchy becomes tangible, like slaughterhouses and zoos. The material she collects ends up in various artworks ranging from performative installations to sculpture to photography. Where she combines a theatrical and absurd approach with cold-hard reality to draw the viewer into her world of questioning this hierarchy and taking responsibility for embodying a power position over non-human animals.


2019-2020 graduated BEAR ArtEZ

2017-2018 graduated Honoursprogramme ArtEZ

2016-2017 started Honoursprogramme ArtEZ

2015-2016 started BEAR ArtEZ

Group Exhibitions


Iets met Dieren X Little Room

ExtraPool, Nijmegen


Recent afgestudeerd

Kunsthal Hof 88, Almelo

2021 Iets met Dieren #3 Extrapool, Nijmegen

2021 ALL INN Het Hem, Zaandam
A lovely dinner with The Sheep Lady.

2021 Uncontrollable?/Too Soon to Tell Kunstpodium T, Tilburg
Ongoing collective research of this project.

2020 Something Where There Should be Nothing Studio Omstand, Arnhem
Virtual tour


Octopus Dreaming

Circa dit..., Arnhem


As big as a door

ArtEZ, Arnhem


Open Studio/Unfolding the process

Cittadellarte, Biella



ArtEZ, Arnhem


A Mild Obsession

BOKA, Arnhem


2022 Little Room X Iets met Dieren Knustpress (buy here)
2020 Blood Processing Apria Online Platform (link)


2022 3 month residency HIBERNATION, Visalibons (Spain)
2019 6 week residency Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (Italy)
2020 5 week residency Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (Italy)

Other projects


Performer for 'Never learnt to share' by Melanie-Maria

Finals ArtEZ, Arnhem

2019 Performer 'negenentwintig november' by Melanie-Maria RUIS, Nijmegen